6th Iranian Joint Cardiovascular Congress

6<sup>th</sup> Iranian  Joint Cardiovascular Congress
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Eduardo Ramacciotti, MD, PhD, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Diseases, Global Clinical Trials



Dr. Ramacciotti is a professor of vascular and endovascular surgery at Santa Casa School of Medicine, São Paulo, Brazil. He is also a visiting professor at the Loyola University Medical Center (Chicago, USA) with the affiliation of the Departments of Pathology and Pharmacology. He has an extensive expertise in the cardiovascular area, focus on thrombosis, hemostasis, peripheral artery diseases and drug development.  Dr. Ramacciotti is a clinical trialist and mentor graduate students to Ph.D. programs. His clinical background includes MD, MPH and Ph.D. degrees (in thrombosis), with 2 fellowship programs (post-doc) including basic and clinical research at the University of Michigan and Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, USA. His strong publication background includes 95 major papers published, 4 book chapters, major oral presentations in medical international meetings. He has given more than 400 lectures on thrombosis worldwide. He received a 2009 US national award for innovative vascular research in venous thromboembolism (VTE) and new biomarkers and a 2009 Global award the International Union of Angiology – best research of the year for biomarker profiling in VTE. In 2017 Dr. Ramacciotti was given the Outstanding Achievement award by the NATF / GTF for his contributions in education and research in VTE and PAD. His employment included Global Medical Leading director of Bristol Myers Co R&D in New York 2010-2014, the direction of basic to late phase clinical research ( bench to bedside) in cardiovascular areas, including the oral anticoagulant apixaban.  He has also been involved in the clinical validation of the effect of heparins in VTE and similar indications. He has carried out innovative research in the management of cancer-associated thrombosis.  Currently, he leads a group pf physician/scientist team in Sao Paulo with broad teaching and research programs in cardiovascular medicine in surgery. He serves as an Editor to several journals in vascular surgery and is on the advisory board of international courses for vascular specialists. He is a member of several scientific organizations including the International Union of Angiology. He is currently involved in the Development of consensus documents in various areas of vascular diseases including DVT / VTE, CVD, and PAD.